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Monday, 5 November 2018

‘Ingress Prime’ Breathes New Life Into Pokémon GO Developer’s First Popular AR Game

Niantic launches Ingress Prime

While Pokémon GO smashed records and earned the world’s attention thanks to its ties to the mega-popular Pokémon franchise, the developer behind the title, Niantic, had another augmented reality game that managed to rake in its own sort of attention.

Ingress has been available for iOS and Android devices for quite some time, and incorporates various augmented reality features to see a pair of factions go head-to-head as they try to capture specific real-world locations in the digital realm. There are a variety of similarities between Ingress and Pokémon GO, and that trend continues as Niantic brings what it has learned from that other super-popular title and breathes new life into its Ingress franchise.

Ingress Prime is a free update for folks who already have Ingress installed on their devices. For those who don’t, the free app is available in the App Store, and a link to download the AR game is available at the bottom of this post.

As for what’s new, there is quite a bit. Niantic rebuilt the user interface to make it cleaner and easier to use. That includes improved animations and a bigger focus on one-finger movement. The company is also introducing a more developed storyline, which is a continuation of what came before. That means that if you have been playing Ingress, your progress should carry over to the new Ingress Prime effort.

Niantic is also building the new game on the Real World Platform, which is what Pokémon GO runs on. That should make the experience even smoother and stable, while also improving the AR features baked into the game as well. Another element that Niantic is bringing to Ingress Prime is global events, which are called “Recursion Prime” and will see events hosted in cities all across the planet, including Austin, Texas, Hong Kong, and Barcelona.

“Adventure and explorer Hank Johnson is losing his memories rapidly, and he needs your help. A crucial Recursion Artifact is at stake and will be claimed by the winner of this Anomaly. Will it be you?”

Ingress Prime is just the beginning for Ingress players moving forward, as Niantic is planning future updates and new additions along the way.

Have you ever played Ingress before? If not, will you try it out now?


  • Ingress Prime — Free

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