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Friday, 2 November 2018

First Mac mini Benchmark Shows Off Powerful Internals

Mac Mini 2018

The new Mac mini is coming on Wednesday, November 7, and the first benchmark tests for the upcoming desktop device have surfaced ahead of the public launch.

The initial benchmark test was first reported on Friday by VentureBeat and shows a powerful device, similar in scope to the MacBook Pro. However, it’s worth noting that the score indicates that this is a slightly tweaked model when compared to the base option, with this test showing the Mac mini 6-core 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor clocked at 3.2GHz, coupled with the Intel UHD Graphics 630. This particular model is also outfitted with 32GB of RAM.

If you wanted this particular model, you’d need to fork over $1,699. So it’s certainly not the cheapest option of the potential configurations.

The first 2018 Mac mini benchmark is here

Interestingly, the same user (“masakazu”) put the new Mac mini in two different tests, uploading both scores to Geekbench. The first test indicated the Mac mini with the aforementioned configuration earned a single-core score of 5070, with a multi-core score coming in at 16818. However, the second test shows improved performance, with the single-core score coming in at 5512, and the multi-core score earning 23516.

These tests indicate that this particular configuration of the Mac mini puts it on par with the high-end 2018 MacBook Pro:

“The first Geekbench result is the strongest, showing a single-core score of 5512, which eclipses all Mac models save for the latest four-core 4.2GHz iMac, plus a multi-core score of 23516. This multi-core number would place the Mac mini at the same general performance level as a mid-range configuration of the Intel Xeon-based Mac Pro, which runs eight cores at 3.0GHz. Apple’s higher-end 12-core Mac Pro and four separate configurations of the iMac Pro all easily outperform the Mac mini, albeit at much higher prices.”

As for why there are two tests, and why there is such a large difference between the scores, that remains unknown at this point.

This won’t be the last benchmark we see of the Mac mini, but considering it’s the first and we have already seen how the 2018 iPad Pro and the new MacBook Air stack up, it’s certainly worthwhile taking a look how Apple’s upcoming desktop machine will perform when it launches next week to the public.

Are you planning on picking up the new Mac mini? If so, in which configuration?

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