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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Mophie Launches Charge Stream Desk Stand Wireless Charger

While we continue to wait for the Apple AirPower wireless charging mat (that may not ever come at this point), there are several alternatives out there to consider.
That includes the launch of the newest wireless charging stand/mat from mophie, one of the more popular third-party accessory makers out there. The company has just launched the Charge Stream Desk Stand, which is part of the Charge Stream lineup of products that mophie continues to expand upon. This latest addition costs $69.95 and it’s compatible with a variety of devices that support the Qi wireless charging standard.

That means as long as you have the iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone 8, this wireless charging option should support your device. (It also supports a variety of Samsung-branded handsets, too.) It also supports Apple’s fast charging (7.5W) option, and can provide up to 10W of power upon contact. It will hold your smartphone in either portrait or landscape orientation, depending on what you prefer.

The new Desk Stand wireless charger supports charging your devices even if they’re in a lightweight case, and it features a removable charging pad if you want to keep your phone laying down while you charge it, rather than propped up. The new wireless charging stand also “comes with a QC 2.0 wall adapter and a 1.49 meter (4.9 ft.) micro USB cable with an integrated wire-management magnet”.

The new Charge Stream Desk Stand wireless charger is available beginning today for $69.95. You can click through the source link below to pick one up.

[via mophie]
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