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Monday, 22 October 2018

MacX MediaTrans: Easily Transfer Photos, Music and Videos to/from iPhone [Giveaway]

MacX MediaTrans Featured

It’s 2018 and your iPhone is your entire life. Everything that’s important to your digital life is on your iPhone. Memories in the form of photos and videos and utility in the form of contacts, documents and app data. And it’s way too easy to lose all this important data. If you get locked out of your iPhone or you forget your passcode, it’s already gone. Not to mention losing the iPhone itself.

You should be backing up your iPhone regularly, both on the cloud and on your Mac. And the easiest way to do that is by using MacX MediaTrans.

Why Use MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans 3

iTunes is a good enough application for backing up your iPhone. But it was its limitations. You can’t selectively sync individual items, you can’t sync the same device with multiple PCs and it’s just not fast.

MacX MediaTrans is the best iTunes alternative for Mac. It solves all these issues and gives you extra features that iTunes just doesn’t offer.

Fast, Easy

Unlike iTunes, MediaTrans has an interface designed just for backing up and syncing your data. For a new user, MediaTrans is much easier and sensible to use than iTunes.

MediaTrans is also much faster compared to iTunes. You can transfer 100 4K photos in just 8 seconds. Your HEIC photos will be converted to JPEG automatically as well so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

Two Way Sync

MacX MediaTrans 2

This feature itself might be worth switching to MediaTrans. Syncing with iTunes is always a one-way affair. But what if you’d rather use your iPhone or iPad as a USB drive and you want to easily transfer data to and from the iPhone? MediaTrans lets you do that quite easily.

If you’re transferring movies to watch on your iPad, they’ll be compressed by up t0 50% and converted to the appropriate format automatically.

Ringtone Maker

MacX MediaTrans 1

You can turn a snippet from any song into a ringtone for the iPhone. It will be converted to an appropriate format and will be synced to your iPhone as well.

MacX MediaTrans Giveaway

You can get all these features, for free by entering the MacX MediaTrans giveaway. Check out our exclusive link for MacX MediaTrans giveaway. If you’re using Windows, don’t worry. WinX MediaTrans gives you the same features on Windows and you can win a copy of that license as well!

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