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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

iPhone XR Shipping Estimates Slip Beyond Launch Week

iPhone XR

More than four days after it initially went up for pre-order, the iPhone XR is no longer available from Apple for launch day delivery. Analysts had expected strong demand for the handset so it is surprising to see the iPhone XR being available for launch day delivery for so long.

Irrespective of which color you chose, all three storage variants of the iPhone XR are now currently listed as being delivered between November 5-12. Additionally, the device is no longer available for in-store pickup as well.

iPhone XR Availability

If you did not pre-order your iPhone XR yet but still want it on launch day, you should head over to your nearest Apple Store on launch day to get your hands on one.

Certain U.S. carriers and retailers still do have certain variants and colors of the iPhone XR for launch day delivery but the stock is dwindling fast.

If the strong availability of the iPhone XR is anything to go by, it looks like consumer interest in the device is not as high as the iPhone XS series. The shipping estimate of the iPhone XS series slipped by a few weeks within an hour of their availability.

Irrespective of what looks like weak initial demand, analysts believe that the iPhone XR will outsell the iPhone XS series, with the iPhone XR comprising almost 50 percent of the total sale of Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup eventually.

Did you pre-order the iPhone XR? Or do you plan on buying one directly during launch day?

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