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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

iOS Apple Store App Now Makes Pre-Ordering the iPhone XR Easier With Siri Shortcuts

iPhone XR

One of the biggest new features to come along with iOS 12 is the ability to create shortcuts that Siri can take advantage of, making a variety of tasks just a voice command away.

There are a variety of different third-party Siri Shortcuts options out there, but the first-party options can’t be ignored. That includes a new update to the iOS Apple Store app, which now supports Siri Shortcuts. That’s all well and good by itself, but it actually makes pre-ordering the upcoming iPhone XR a lot easier, which is certainly noteworthy.

Apple actually points out the ability to pre-order the upcoming iPhone XR with Siri Shortcuts right in the “What’s New” section of the app:

“iPhone Upgrade Program members can now use Siri Shortcuts for an even faster way to complete their iPhone XR pre-order on 10.19. Look for the ‘Add to Siri’ button while getting pre-approved, and record your own voice command, like “pre-order my iPhone.” Say your phrase when pre-order begins, and let Siri pull up your pre-approval in the Apple Store app so you can quickly complete your order.”

As noted above, the process is a bit more streamlined thank to the ability to tell Siri “pre-order my iPhone” and the process is completed right after.

The updated app appears to only include this particular feature, but there are probably additional tweaks behind-the-scenes to improve the app’s stability and what not. Either way, the new Apple Store app is available to download and install right now.

A link to do so is available below.

Do you plan on pre-ordering the iPhone XR?


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