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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Hulu is Considering Slimming Down its Live TV Channel Package as it Launches a Dark Mode on the Web

Hulu now has a dark mode on the web

Hulu has had its live TV streaming service available for a bit of time now, launching its live TV guide back in May of this year. And now it looks like some major changes are on the way.

Hulu CEO Randy Freer sat down with The Information to discuss the state of things for the streaming platform and how things might be changing in the future, especially as it relates to its live TV service. That particular feature for Hulu now has 1 million subscribers, with the package starting at $40 per month. But the company may be working towards a future where it slims down the package quite a bit, which could also reduce the monthly cost.

Freer envisions a point where Hulu will drop some of its current channel lineup from the live TV option, switching them over to the on-demand category. In that shift, Hulu wants to make its focus on “live sports and news”. While Freer sees that as the next step, where some customers might be losing access to channels, there’s no definitive timeline in place just yet, nor any mention of which networks will be switched out for on-demand content.

Hulu is preparing for major networks to splinter off and offer their own streaming options, like we have seen from so many companies out there already. As a result, Hulu will offer up on-demand and premium content additions as add-ons, similar to what Amazon offers with the likes of Showtime, HBO, and other options. (Hulu already does this for similar channels.)

Direct-to-consumer brands is apparently the way things are going. So be prepared to be nickel-and-dimed along the way.

But, if you’re a Hulu customer and use the web version a lot, then you might be happy that there is a new dark mode now available. The feature is easy to access: Just click on your profile icon and select the Night Mode option. That’ll make the UI a bit easier to look at in the wee hours of the night.

[via The Information]

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