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Friday, 19 October 2018

Discover Easy Cross-Device Data With This Incredible Deal on iMazing 2 [Deals Hub]

If you use multiple Apple devices, or frequently switch to the next best iPhone, iPod or iPad, you know data transfer and backup isn’t always a walk in the park. iMazing is a dedicated management platform for all of your Apple and Windows gear, letting you move around data to your heart’s content from one centralized place. And right now, the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub offers the newest version of iMazing for $19.99—75% off normal MSRP for this 5-star app.

Whether you need to transfer work between one device to another for convenience, or need to upgrade to the newest iPhone and keep your contacts, iMazing will do the trick. It offers completely wireless mobility between all major Apple and PC devices, including pictures, text messages, call history, documents, and all other kinds of data. You can also freely transfer PDFs and eBooks from iBooks to any connected device.

If you’d like a one-stop transfer shop for all of your device data, check out iMazing 2—currently 75% and only $19.99 at the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub.

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