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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Apple Shares Full ‘There’s More in the Making’ Event Video

Apple hosted a pretty exciting event earlier this week, marking “There’s more in the making” as one of the company’s best to date.

Just in case you weren’t able to catch the event, in person or through the livesteam hosted by Apple, then the company has your back. The full event is now published on YouTube, making it pretty easy to catch up on what happened, albeit a day later. The event itself had a nice upbeat feel to it from start to finish, which helped play into the creative feel of the whole thing. After all, Apple was announcing products it knows are used by millions of people to create things, and they appeared ready to have some fun while on stage while announcing the completely redesigned iPad Pro and the Retina display-equipped MacBook Air.

The video comes in at just over an hour and a half, which is pretty speedy considering all the things Apple announced. You can catch up with what they announced in our wrap-up of the event. We saw the Retina display MacBook Air, the all-new, all-screen iPad Pro, an all-new Apple Pencil, the new, more powerful Mac mini, and heard about Apple’s efforts with Today At Apple and its retail stores. There was even a musical performance from artist Lana Del Ray.

So, check it out right here:

Are any of Apple’s new products going to be your new product? Which one did you already preorder?

[via Apple]

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