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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Apple Promotes Portrait Mode Photos and Depth Mode Shot on the iPhone XS

iPhone Xs Max back

Apple made it perfectly clear that the camera systems in the iPhone XS and XS Max were upgraded, especially when it comes to the Portrait Mode and the new ability to change the depth level after you’ve taken a shot. And now it’s highlighting a few images shared on Instagram.

The company notes that the photos it is sharing in the Newsroom post were taken from photographers all over the globe. We can see Portrait Mode images that capture the natural world and people, all of which showcase the power and ability of the new camera system within Apple’s newest flagship smartphones:

“Photographers from around the world are capturing stunning photographs on iPhone XS using Portrait mode, taking advantage of its new Depth Control feature that makes it possible to adjust the depth of field to create photos with a sophisticated bokeh effect. An update coming soon brings Depth Control to real-time preview, allowing photographers to change the amount of background blur before the shot is taken.

These images pulled from the #ShotoniPhone tag across social media highlight the enhanced Portrait mode on iPhone XS, showing advanced photography techniques that everyone can use.”

The photos are pretty fantastic, and you can see them below, as well as find the Instagram accounts from the photographers that Apple chose to share with the world.

This photo was shared by “xs_visuals” and was taken in Shrewsbury, Shropshire:

Scott A. Woodward captured this photo in Kungyangon, Yangon, Burma:

Here we have a photo shared by Ashish Parmar, captioned, “Warrior of the Savannah”:

This image was captured by “H A Y I M” and taken in Café Oberkampf:

The final photo here was shared on Twitter by user “@heisenberg0512”:

[via Apple]

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