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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Apple Highlights Apps That Use Siri Shortcuts

With the release of iOS 12, Apple introduced Siri Shortcuts, which allows first- and third-party apps to take advantage of voice controls via the personal assistant.

We have highlighted apps on our end, including third-party options, and now Apple has done the same thing. Apple’s effort segments the apps for their usefulness, including “Morning Starters”, “Productivity Tools”, and “Healthy Habit Builders”.

“Top apps are integrating Siri Shortcuts, making favorite apps even easier to use with a simple tap or by asking Siri. Now available with iOS 12, shortcuts use powerful on-device intelligence to help users get things done faster, whether it’s commuting, being more productive, staying healthy, and more. Here are some top apps that now offer Siri Shortcuts.”

We can see weather reports from apps like CARROT Weather, The Weather Channel, and others, must by asking Siri for the extended forecast, or things like “radar”, “rain report”, and even “UV index”. If you have a pretty rough morning commute, you can use Siri and apps like Citymapper to get an overview of disruption alerts if they exist, real-time departure times, and more.

For productivity, you can use apps like Evernote to quickly make a note, and with the Day One app you can quickly make a journal entry using Siri and the new Shortcuts feature. And finally, with apps like Lose It! and Waterminder you can log calories, or track medications with MyTherapy.

And then, as usual, as you use your device Siri will learn each individual’s habit and start suggesting options:

“Based on how customers use their devices, Siri will suggest simple, useful shortcuts right when needed on the Lock screen or in Search. Look for the “Add to Siri” button in apps, or go to Settings > Siri & Search to find all shortcuts available from your apps and to set a personal phrase to run them with.”

Siri Shortcuts are available now.

[via Apple]

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