I want to use this mediums to let everyone know that we don't ask people of money on our social groups on Facebook and in our pages too.

Therefore if by any means someone asked you to send Him money so that He will pray for you, Don't ever take that step, the reason is because the person is a thief who goes round using the face of Prophet Bushiri to scam people.

please I am very serious and vital with this warning, All I ask of you is to go to our Facebook page and invite all your friends, to our Facebook page, so that they will not fell victims of what others are doing.

Add your friends to our group and ask them to add their friends as well to our group, so that we will make the work of God keep moving higher everyday.

This is our real Facebook group link, ADD ALL YOUR FRIENDS : 

You will receive a miracle Phone calls today if you invite all your friends to our page.

Type I receive and share 5times no!!!

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