THE LAST time i prayed this prayer, over 20000 people received shocking Miracles.
You have typed Amen and shared post but you didn't receive anything! today is your own day. I stretch my hands and pray for 10000 PEOPLE, things have delayed in your life but from the time you type: Amen and share this post........

Receive your miracle
Receive your house
Receive your Healing
Receive your money
Receive your job
Receive your payment
Receive your promotion
Pass your exams
Get admission
Get your visa
Get your documents
Get your healing
Receive your Anointing
Receive your marriage
A man that will not make you cry is coming your way.
A woman that will love you with all her heart is coming now.
Your debts are cancelled.

These will happen in Jesus name type Amen and share this post 3times.

Do it with faith and see what God can do

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