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Tuesday, 3 April 2018


WhatsApp Status was propelled early this year and to a few clients, it was an incredible change while to other it was most certainly not. Words in the city have it that WhatsApp was better when it was only a straightforward informing application until the point when Facebook gained WhatsApp.

All things considered, this magnificent component on WhatsApp has come to stay yet there are zones that still need some change on the WhatsApp status. WhatsApp clients have gone to a degree of downloading an Android App which isn't from WhatsApp for the sole motivation behind utilizing WhatsApp status. Most clients have griped about these:

  • Status Deletes Automatically.

  • The so called Status (Image) when viewed displays just a few second and it’s almost hard to read any text on the image.

In this articles, I will show you how to Save WhatsApp pictures and Videos on WhatsApp. Comprehending More than 90% of WhatsApp Status downsides if not all. It's extremely straightforward and the quickest method to Save Whatsapp status and you don't need to download an Application.

How to Download/Save Whatsapp Status Photo or Video

  1. Turn on Internet and Open your Whatsapp Account

  2. Go to Status option and watch the status you want to download/Save

  3. Then open your File Manager

  4. Go to Settings and Then Show Hidden Files

  5. Then navigate to Folder: Whatsapp –> Media –> .statuses

  6. There you can see all your WhatsApp contact’s Status

  7. Simply Copy/Move that File and Place in another folder

  8. That’s all!!! You have downloaded your friend’s whatsapp status Video/Picture

Did you experience any issues/challenges during this tutorial? Kindly send us a message using the comment box below.


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