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Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Do you feel like exchanging your phone for newer or different brand phone? Or maybe you just tired of your HTC and want to try out a Samsung phone? is a terrific resource for nabbing great deals on everything from mattresses to bicycles to electronics and phone swaps. As endorse “hand to hand” trade while shopping in your city, you can always browse and choose a model that you like the most, contact the owner directly and negotiate terms of the swap.

In meantime check these tips how to successfully swap your phone without getting screwed.

With so many great smartphones on the market, it’s hard to narrow it down and pick. A good start will be choosing between Android and Apple. Then decide on different options in terms of memory, upgrades, limited editions, screen size and more. Do a little comparison-shopping online and be sure you know what you want!


When writing an ad, be clear as much as possible about guarantee and possible return. Because, you do not want to provide a future owner with your personal guarantee. Once you swapped, it is a done deal for both of you and there is no turning back.

Clear Product description

Be honest about the condition of your smartphone –if it is a new or gently used, let people know if there any scratches, broken screen or other major problems. It is better to let an interested party know everything up front before wasting anyone’s time. Post good quality photos of your phone taken from different angles, the more, the better.

Meet in person

Meet in Person Handshake

It is better to set up a personal meeting to examine your smartphone on the spot and only then make an exchange or refuse and cancel the deal. Check carefully product features and its quality to see if the product meets the ad description. Well, it works vise versa. This is the most reliable and safest way to make the swap. Do not accept to meet in deserted alleys, vacant parking slots. Also you can take a friend, acquaintance or relative to the meeting.

Never pay upfront

Never Pay Upfront

If you are asked to make a small deposit to secure your “future” smartphone, do not do it, this is a well known fraud scheme and it’s nearly impossible to get your money back, and most certainly, there will be no smartphone of any kind. Unfortunately, the safest way to pay is in cash, if you consider to swap your old phone to a newer version.


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