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Monday, 22 January 2018

HomePod to Support HomeKit Scenes For Muting Siri, Offer Personalised Results For Individual Voices

Some new icons discovered in the Home app in iOS 11.2.5 have revealed some of the features that would be present in Apple’s upcoming HomePod. The icons point to HomePod users being able to create scenes so that the “Hey Siri” functionality of the speaker can be muted.

Like the new iPhones from Apple, the HomePod will also come with always-on “Hey Siri” functionality.” While useful, this feature can be seen as a privacy risk by many since the speaker is always listening to your conversations for the hotword. Thus, the ability to turn off “Hey Siri” can come in handy in certain scenarios like when in a party.

Interestingly, Apple also seems to be adding support for multiple voice recognition in HomePod. The icons discovered in the Home app suggest that Siri would be able to recognize an individual’s voice and offer them personalized results.


Apple had initially unveiled the HomePod at WWDC 2017, with an expected shipping timeframe of the end of the year. However, in late November, Apple announced that it still needs some more time to work on the HomePod which is why it is delaying its release to early 2018. The launch of the smart speaker seems imminent now as over the last week, the smart speaker passed through the FCC and another report claimed that 1 million units of HomePods were being delivered to Apple.


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