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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

2018 iPhone X

Apple is not really expected to make any improvements to the Face ID components for the 2018 iPhone X so its unlikely that we will see the handset ship with a smaller notch. That will probably happen with the 2019 iPhone X when Apple is expected to merge the functionality of the front camera and Face ID components into one. This should lead to a reduction in the overall size of the notch.

The render also envisions the 2018 iPhone X, dubbed the iPhone XI, coming with even smaller bezels than what is found on the existing variant. While it does help in giving the device an even more futuristic look, Apple is unlikely to reduce the already minimal bezels surrounding the iPhone X’s display. A minimum amount of bezel space is required to protect the display against dings and drops and a further reduction in their size on an upcoming iPhone X variant could possibly lead to some reliability issues.

Finally, iDrop Newz envisions the 2018 iPhone XI to feature a dual-SIM card tray. This could be a possibility as there have been reports of Apple considering adding dual-SIM functionality to its upcoming iPhone models. Dual-SIM functionality has become extremely popular in Asia especially in China and India, with almost every major flagship phone launching their featuring dual-SIM capabilities.

While the iPhone XI in the above renders looks pretty stunning, remember that they are just that: renders. While Apple will make some design improvements to the 2018 iPhone X, I don’t expect the company to make any major change in its design language until 2019 or later. At best, we are looking at the use of a more strengthened chassis and glass on the 2018 iPhones to make them more reliable.

[Source iDrop News]


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